Dumbbells, Plates, Trees, Racks and Bars

We carry a wide selection of top-quality and reliable home or commercial plate trees and dumbbell racks.


Huntsville Fitness Equipment offers the largest selection of plates, trees, bars, dumbbells and dumbbell racks such as: standard weight trees, Olympic weight racks, Olympic weight racks for multi-storage, Olympic weight trees, 2-tier dumbbells racks, 3-tier dumbbell racks, 4–tier dumbbell racks, vertical dumbbell rack, vinyl dumbbell racks, neoprene vertical dumbbell racks, pro-style dumbbell racks, saddle dumbbell racks, horizontal dumbbell racks, 2 ft. dumbbell racks, 3 ft. dumbbell racks, 4 ft. dumbbell racks, 5 ft. dumbbell racks, Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Racks for Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells, Powerblock Personal Stands for Powerblocks Dumbbells, Hampton 2-sided dumbbell racks, Hampton 4-sided vertical dumbbell racks, vertical Olympic bar stands, curl bar stands, fixed barbell stands, kettlebell racks, 7 ft. Olympic bars, 6 ft. Olympic bars, 5 ft. Olympic bars, Olympic ez-curl bars, power lifting bars, super curl bars, urethane grip plates, Olympic iron plates, rubber encased plates, machine grip plates, wide flanged plates, grip plates, bumper plates for Olympic lifting, Hampton Fusion Grip plates, Hampton HOG grip plates in rubber and urethane, standard plates, dead lift and shrug bars, hammer curl bars, 1500 lb. test Olympic bars, black oxide Olympic bars, super “beefy” curl bars, and many more.


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