Free Weight Bench Systems

We carry a wide selection of top-quality and reliable home or commercial adjustable weight benches and free weight machines.


Huntsville Fitness Equipment offers the largest selection of free weight benches such as: flat benches, utility benches, flat to incline benches, decline benches, competition benches, adjustable multi-angle benches, Olympic flat benches, narrow benches, portable travel benches, and many more. We also offer a wide variety of plate loaded or single station exercise machines such as: vertical knee raises (VKR), hyperextension roman chairs, adjustable abdominal benches, ab crunch benches, preacher curl benches, Powertec leverage benches, lat-pull down machines, leg extension/leg curl machines, seated calf machine, abdominal boards, FID benches, 45 degree hyperextensions, plate-loaded leg press machines, plate-loaded ab/back machines, inner/outer thigh machines, and many more.


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